Orchard Hill FarmsTours are available Mondays through Fridays during the apple harvest season which normally is September to mid-October. Tours are also available any time of the year, but may be limited to the indoor section because of weather. A minimum of 20 individuals is preferred, although tours have been given to small adult groups. Most of the tours are of school classes in the surrounding area, while the adult groups normally are church, senior citizens, etc.

Orchard Hill FarmsA typical tour begins with a wagon ride through the orchard with stops along the way to point out different methods of grafting, pest management, pruning techniques, correct picking and handling of the fruit, etc. The second part of the tour moves indoors and encompasses what happens to the fruit after harvest. A stop in the cold storage room progresses to the packing room as the fruit is followed from washing to inspection, to computerized sorting before packaging for distribution to the markets.

There is a $3.00 per person fee. Tours normally take one to one and a half hours; adult tours may take longer as questions usually require more detailed answers.

Appointments must be made for tours to avoid conflicts.